The purpose of a fish trap is to catch fish — when fish are caught, the trap is forgotten.
The purpose of words is to convey ideas — when ideas are grasped, the words are forgotten.

Welcome to Your Voice!

Learn how – with subtle adjustments – you can make your ideas come alive in resonant tones and varied rhythms to reach and move people. Learn how the professionally trained engage and enable listeners to see, hear, feel the story — and join the narrative.

True Communication

True Communication is concerned with what is heard, absorbed and understood by others.

This is way beyond speaking ‘properly’ or ‘posh’, or with a dominant monotone 'work' voice. Differing in both quality and depth from commercial speaking skills and presentation tips.

My coaching starts with discreet training in listening (very differently) to discover and release your connected, vibrant spoken voice — to serve and enable your listeners. To accomplish this, you explore, practice and develop guided by a kind, experienced, specialist coach with TEFL, Guildhall and Central professional voice teaching trainings.

Learn how language works and how to speak with eloquence and ease.
For those times when how you are and how you sound makes all the difference …

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Susan White
Susan White
BA TEFL LGSM MA Voice Studies
Guildhall + Central London

Happily regarded as a specialist in listening, spoken voice, connection and how to be (with yourself) whilst communicating (with others).

During my earlier business life I noted the deep impact of spoken words, the nuances within vocal sounds and the role of presence in developing trust, resolving issues and securing agreements.

At 2000 I dedicated 5 years to specialist trainings in professional spoken voice, auditory acuity, psychology, anatomy and physiology of speaking - plus, vitally, the pedagogical practices of HOW to enable others.

As I value applied wisdom beyond academic accolades, my interest remains intentionally HOW to adapt oneself as a speaker to inform and enable others to shift - HOW to initiate, or react, in the dynamic of listening, negotiating and live speaking.

Essentially, my way re-balances the visual ‘lean towards the screen’ of our times with accomplished auditory acuity, eloquence and ease of speaking from a calm centered personal presence.

A word about Presence…
Like love, presence is elusive to define in words, yet easy to recognise when we feel it, or sense its absence. HOW to exude an authentic, inspiring, convincing presence can be discovered, practised and embodied. For sustainability, my coaching will also build your felt sense of grounded inner ease.

My way is to educate, guide and encourage you, so that you develop true to yourself, to your culture and to your audiences.

Circular No.1 Encircling Communication (pdf)

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Is this for you?

Voice coaching is “only for those who can’t” is a BIG MYTH! High achievers in any field engage specialist support the more performance matters. I educate novices, coach accomplished speakers and enable outstanding communicators to practice and refine.

Listening deeply - beyond words - and remaining calm whilst speaking eloquently, is the heart of connection. Disregard anecdotes of elocution ladies and embarrassing exercises which, poorly explained, only increase tension in everyone! Instead, learn with a renowned specialist who also understands the context of your pressures, your aspirations and your learning preferences.

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Others say...

Attributed endorsements from people from all walks of life —> OTHERS SAYread more

“Susan of the Golden Voice has the magical gift of making you feel you can develop
your voice and presence to build communication skills, confidence and charisma.
What Susan offers really works –
it's also professional, polished and comes with excellent aftercare…”
Lucy Worsley OBE – Historian Chief Curator Writer Broadcaster

“I was pleasantly surprised by the power of Susan’s coaching
to enhance my ability, my personality as a confident speaker and my message
in the way best to influence my audience and carry them with me.
I thoroughly recommend Susan as a voice coach…”
Lord Low

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My professional fees are always individually tailored and defined by complexity, requested intensity, timing and location. I offer a reasonable range of fees for companies, non-profit and private 121 individuals — quoted only after first talking together.

Supported fees for radio, actors, nurses and compassionate circumstances.

Integrity — You will receive exceptional personal service from my warm vocational approach to a profession that enables me to meet, enjoy and develop people from all walks of life — as varied as the ways we express ourselves…

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